Your health your most precious asset.
Beyond Health

Kindle Hill Wellness Center

There’s intrinsic value in truly taking care of you, physically and emotionally. Your engines, your brain, and your body need education, training, and fuel to perform to the highest standard. Scientific research increasingly shows a strong connection between physical exercise and improved cognitive performance, and we all know we feel better when we feel healthy.

Kindle Hill is a comprehensive wellness center that promotes and supports the benefits of healthy living. Working collaboratively with our team, you will learn about your health and fitness, and translate this knowledge into action that benefits you. We engage you in a total wellness approach that focuses on your habits in exercise, nutrition, and supplements, as well as sleep and stress management. In addition, we work with you to navigate the health care system so that it works for you.

Why health, and why now? The headwind of changes in taxes, regulations, and increased health care costs underscores the need for a preventive and active approach to health care. Now, more than ever, we know that health care practices can result in significant financial consequences. But what can we do about all of this? Each one of us has the option to act. Consider how advancing your health and fitness will not only improve productivity and quality of life, but will also lower expenses. Did you know that some life insurance companies offer preferred ratings for consumers who demonstrate qualified wellness standards? We help you “live” the connection between your own health and fitness goals and potential economic benefit.

What does it mean to be a part of Kindle Hill? We have developed a proprietary process to help you take control of your life and actively improve your health and wellness. We welcome you into our programs with a thorough placement process that includes:

  • An extensive consultation to analyze your state of health and long-term objectives
  • A health questionnaire that refines your health “profile” and helps you prioritize your goals
  • Classes and private sessions matched to your specific skills and objectives
  • Customized nutrition programs and packages
  • Heart rate monitors and heart rate training
  • Supplements, homeopathic solutions, and a wide range of products available in our retail store
We stay in close touch with you throughout your relationship with us. You'll reach a new level of fitness under our expert instruction and progressive programs. Our private, low-key environment makes it easy for you to focus on yourself and meet others who share your interests.

Kindle Hill provides personalized attention to help you identify and achieve your personal goals and standards for growth. We offer a schedule of indoor cycling, yoga and personal training classes that adjust with the seasons. Our classes offer preparation for charity ride events, and supplemental off-season and in-season sport-specific training.

We will help you focus on:
  • Heart rate and oxygenation training
  • Outdoor training, including safe traffic navigation and a reliable “pedal clipping-in” protocol
  • Discipline and consistency in your practice
  • Proper posture and fitness for cycling, running, and related sports
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques
Our facility is air conditioned and well-ventilated. We have filtered water available for recyclable bottles, and we provide towels.

Our nutrition program at Kindle Hill will help you learn responsible weight management through proper meal planning. We will help you:
  • Identify how you eat and perform
  • Evaluate your entire nutritional landscape and help you learn to prepare healthy foods
  • Become better educated about foods and portions that represent optimal nutrition for you
  • Refine your vitamin and mineral needs, and more efficiently manage your nutritional “budget”
  • Interpret blood work and improve results, collaborating with your physician

We are all busy. Consider the price you pay of moving so quickly. You have to put your own health first to effectively take care of those who need you. That means placing your sleep hygiene and stress management at the top ofr your list. Quality of sleep and stress management are closely related, and should be addressed in a coordinated strategy. That’s where we help you. We provide you with innovative strategies to guide you in developing helpful habits. We ’ll also connect you to an experienced medical specialists who can provide you with the medical support you may need.

Our products are diverse, and our extensive resources can support your specific needs and lifestyle goals. For example, we offer a protein powder that dissolves in coffee, and an electrolyte that is easy to use when on the road. We will advise you on techniques to lower your cholesterol levels safely and naturally, and we can 
recommend a range of supplements to help suppress your appetite, ease joint or muscle pain, and address mild day-to-day anxiety and depression.

Many of us are familiar with the challenge of seeking the “ideal” medical practitioner: having to wait months for the first appointment. At Kindle Hill, we will be your advocate, guiding you through the health care system, and using our skills, experience, and contacts to help you locate the most suitable medical professionals for your needs.

Experienced Team
Our team has years of experience in a broad range of physical disciplines. We want you to benefit the most from our years of education, practical application, and goal-oriented results.
Saly Glassman - Nutrition, Cycling, Sleep and Stress Management
Eric Hidle - Outdoor Cycling, Multisport
Jody Kelly - Personal Trainer
Stuart Weinstein – Yoga
Support Staff: Tricia Cressman, Natasha Briggs

We invite you to join us at Kindle Hill, and find your very own improved performance for living life!