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"My journey began with the world of finance, but it's taken me on adventures in relationships, health and the environment."
Saly A. Glassman

Saly A. Glassman

Since 1980, my experience in helping investors protect, manage, and grow wealth has taught me that it's about more than the money.

September 11, 2001, and the financial meltdown of 2008 reaffirmed my position and inspired me to broaden my approach beyond wealth asset management. How could something we worked so diligently to achieve be that swiftly taken from us? The real message was clear: Meaningful change is not generated from investments in assets, but, more profoundly, from investments in people willing to take responsibility. Financial wealth was a means to an end, and not the "end." These events highlighted the need for strategies to help investors learn from mistakes and gain confidence in the potential for the future.

In the early 1980s, technology was limited to the touch-tone phone, and the financial services industry was in the business of 'selling,' instead of its current culture of 'advising.' It was clear to me that sustainable client relationships began with questions, not products, and it was only after I understood my clients' goals and resources that I could successfully help them meet their objectives. This shift in philosophy dramatically benefited investors and reshaped the investment industry. It also led to a following of people who appreciated my practical, client-centered approach about financial and life decisions.

My book "It's About More Than the Money" (FT Press, 2010) was an opportunity to formally communicate with investors and help them take responsibility for their choices. There, I introduced the connections between health, economics, the environment, sustainability, and branding. Shifting our behaviors to explore and integrate each of these five themes dramatically changes the world, well beyond investments.

In 2004, drawing on my experience and commitment to make a meaningful difference, I established Kindle Hill Wellness Center. From the location here on my farm in Gyneddd Valley, PA, I expanded my message beyond the financial world, continuing to "walk my talk." Most recently, I created the Youtensil, a small, inexpensive, efficient, and easy-to-use innovation that drives positive behavioral change. Consider the possibilities: changing our habits, reducing waste, and using these savings to improve our lives. The Youtensil™ is just one simple way we can work together to change the cycle and change the world.

My journey began with the world of finance, but it's taken me on adventures in relationships, health, and the environment. These destinations are all interrelated, and there is tremendous leverage in the aggregate.

Kindle Hill provides a selection of products and partnerships designed to help you be a part of a larger movement to change the world.