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These five themes are central to our lives: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Day-to-day, we touch them as we go: Exercise. Eat right. Recycle.


Your actions make you an ambassador of your principles. How well do you ‘walk’ your ‘talk’? Your personal ‘brand’ is the representation of your own global mission.


You must take care of yourself, so you can take care of those who depend on you. Successfully managing your health begins with knowledge, understanding, and action.


Since no one ‘owns’ the Earth, who is accountable for taking care of it? Each of us. We have one Earth, a growing population, and finite resources. When we take more than we give, we place our future at greater risk. We can change this cycle.


Everything has a cost -- financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual. What kind of 'currency' are you paying and what are you getting in return? The best way to make a powerful investment in the future is to lower our costs now.

We often think of sustainability in terms of the environment, but consider its implications beyond ‘green’. Whatever we do, prioritize, and love – it’s only ‘real’ if we can keep doing it over long periods of time.

Imagine the leverage of seamlessly integrating these themes into our daily habits.

The result: synergy and collective strength, for you and almost 7 billion people who are counting on you. Activate that power, and hold the world in your hand. It's up to you.

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Kindle Hill provides a selection of products and partnerships designed to help you be a part of a larger movement to change the world. From literature on the importance of personal and financial accountability, to health consulting, and a sustainable and environmentally-friendly Youtensil, change is in reach, for each of us.